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Quiz Team Names

Looking for a fun pub quiz team name? A great team name for your Christmas quiz?

An amazing name for your quiz team is a must. Funny? Original? Christmassy? Well, we've tried our best and have the following team names' list including Christmas related names.

The Christmas Puddings
Not So Great Expectations
What’s the Poinsettia?
The Wise Men
Universally Challenged
Merry Quizmas
Villiage Idiots
Beer Monsters
Raging Alcoholics
The French Triviera
Sugar Plum Fairies
Clever Dicks
Dumb and Dumber
Naughty Elves
Egg Feets
Big Fact Hunt
Too Old for this Shit
The elves on the shelf
The Ho Ho Hoes
The Scrooges
The Why's Men
Silent Knights
Quizmas Crackers
Santa’s Helpers
The Best Revenge is Massive Success
The Silly Billies
Christmas Carols
Les Quizerables
Jingle Ballers
Agatha Quiztee
Blood, Sweat and Beer
Simple Minds
The Crimbo Bimbos
Bucks Quiz
Artificial Intelligence
Bah humbug!
Tequila Mockingbird
The Grinches
The mistlefingers
Old Geezers
Santa's elves
I am Smarticus
The Nutcrackers
The Noel-It-Alls
Idiot Test
Only came here for the beer
Pigs in blankets
Lil’ Drummer Boyz
Beer Goggles
Red Nose Reindeers

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