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Quiz of the Year - 2020

What happened in 2020? We ask you to recall the events of 2020 in our 'Quiz of the year'.

A year dominated by COVID-19, Brexit and cancelled sporting events. However, there were still some other news and events that happened this year.

January to June, 2020 Quiz

  1. The coronavirus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic, was first identified in which Chinese city?
    Answer - Wuhan
  2. In Janauary, who said he would not date "woke" women or women below the age of 35 because their views were too politically correct"?
    Answer - Laurence Fox
  3. Basketball player Kobe Bryant played for which professional basketball team?
    Answer - Los Angeles Lakers
  4. Which team beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl final?
    Answer - Kansas City Chiefs
  5. Kirk Douglas died aged 103 in February, he never won an Oscar but who did he potray for his third Oscar nomination in 1956?
    Answer - Vincent van Gogh (in Lust for Life)
  6. Who features on the new twenty pound banknote (and we don't mean the Queen)?
    Answer - painter J. M. W. Turner
  7. EastEnders celebrated it's birthday on February 19, 2020 - which birthday?
    Answer - 35th birthday
  8. It's announced that the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics are to be postponed - in which month were they due to start?
    Answer - July
  9. What name was given to the critical care temporary hospitals set-up by NHS England as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic?
    Answer - Nightingale Hospital
  10. Keir Starmer won the Labour leadership contest on 4 April 2020, which two rivals did he beat?
    Answer - Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy
  11. Name the 99-year-old war veteran who walked more than 100 laps of his garden to raise millions for the NHS?
    Answer - Captain Tom Moore
  12. Who is Wilfred?
    Answer - Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds' new baby boy
  13. Which small market town, named after the castle around which it was built, hit the news after Dominic Cummings paid a visit?
    Answer - Barnard Castle
  14. In which city did George Floyd lose his life?
    Answer - Minneapolis
  15. 2020 marked the 700th anniversary of which declaration?
    - Declaration of Arbroath
  16. The bank holiday was moved to which date in May to commemorate the 75th anniversaries of VE Day?
    Answer - 8 May
  17. A statue of 17th century merchant Edward Colston was pulled down in which English city?
    Answer - Bristol
  18. President Donald Trump described Joe Exotic as a "strange guy", but Joe's also known as what sort of king?
    Answer - Tiger King
  19. Which famous footballer wrote an open letter to the government calling on them to end UK child poverty?
    Answer - Marcus Radford
  20. During a June podcast interview, who stated that "slavery was not genocide"?
    Answer - David Starkey
  21. Royal Mail issued a set of stamps to mark the 60th anniversary of what?
    Answer - Coronation Street

July to December, 2020 Quiz

  1. Which European country's airforce dropped the swastika from its logo?
    Answer - Finland
  2. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says up to three million residents from which part of the world will be offered citizenship in the UK?
    Answer - Hong Kong
  3. The World Council of Churches called on Turkey to reverse the decision to turn which celebrated church into a mosque?
    Answer - Hagia Sophia
  4. Which celeb broke both feet after jumping over a wall on a family holiday?
    Answer - Katie Price
  5. Which club defeated Paris Saint-Germain to win their sixth Champions League title?
    Answer - Bayern Munich
  6. Who became the first person in history to have a net worth exceeding 200 billion dollars?
    Answer - Jeff Bezos
  7. In late August, which country's Prime Minister announced he would resign because of health concerns, and apologized for stepping down?
    Answer - Japan's (Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan)
  8. Sian Berry and Jonathan Bartley were re-elected co-leaders of what?
    Answer - The Green Party
  9. UK government debt is reported to be over how many trillion for the first time?
    Answer - 2 trillion
  10. Construction work officially begins on which high-speed rail network?
    Answer - HS2
  11. Lewis Hamilton equalled Michael Schumacher's record for most Grand Prix wins in which Grand Prix?
    Answer - 2020 Eifel Grand Prix
  12. Which county council approved the first new deep coalmine in the UK for 30 years?
    Answer - Cumbria
  13. Which MP was suspended for travelling from London to Scotland after being confirmed positive for COVID-19?
    Answer - Margaret Ferrier
  14. Which Premiership team scored seven goals against Liverpool?
    Answer - Aston Villa
  15. What's the name of the First Minister of Wales who put his country into lockdown?
    Answer - Mark Drakeford
  16. An oil tanker close to the Isle of Wight was suspected to have been hijacked by stowaways from which country?
    Answer - Nigeria
  17. What's the first name of Joe Biden's youngest son?
    Answer - Hunter
  18. A 50p coin was released with which three word slogan?
    Answer: Diversity Built Britain
  19. Bobby Ball played a feckless father named Frank in which sitcom?
    Answer - Not Going Out
  20. Straight after the 1966 World Cup win, Nobby Stiles did a spontaneous dance with the Jules Rimet Trophy in one hand and what item in the other?
    Answer: His false teeth

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