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Christmas Day Deaths

Famous people who died on December the 25th. A list which sadly includes George Michael, Dean Martin and Charlie Chaplin.

Christmas Day Deaths of Famous People

Year Died on the 25th December
1868 Linus Yale Jr. (inventor of the Yale cylinder lock)
1946 W. C. Fields (American actor and comedian)
1977 Charlie Chaplin (English actor and director)
1989 Nicolae Ceaușescu (Romanian politician, 1st President of Romania)
1992 Ted Croker (Secretary of the Football Association from 1973 to 1989)
1995 Dean Martin (American singer and actor)
1998 John Pulman (English snooker player)
2006 James Brown (American singer-songwriter)
2008 Eartha Kitt (American singer and actress)
2016 George Michael (British singer and songwriter)

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