> Christmas Dingbats

Christmas Dingbats

Printable dingbats for you Christmas family get togethers or pub quizzes. Print onto an A4 sheet with each dingbat puzzle being a well known festive word or phrase.

Dingbats are logical visual word puzzles from which a well known saying or phrase can be identified.

Printable Christmas Dingbats

Download and print a ready-made fun Christmas dingbats quiz. Twenty puzzles with a festive theme in PDF format, on a single A4 sheet.
IMPORTANT: Print out in landscape printer settings, both question sheet and answer sheet.

Download and Print Questions:

Christmas Dingbats Questions PDF

Download and Print Answers:

Christmas Dingbats Answers PDF

Dingbats Example

Below is one of the puzzles from the sheet? Can you work out the answer?

dingbats puzzle

The answer is tinsel. From the dingbat we have a T 'IN' the SEL.

The example is a typical puzzle. Download our sheet from the above links and enjoy!

christmas image
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